One of the exciting ideas that we discussed at the youth services gatherings was collaborating with local community theater for a program at the library.  In Hudson, the library is partnering with the Phipps Center for the Arts to have cast members from the children’s theater shows come to the library for a program.  It’s a win-win situation, with publicity for the theater and an exciting and engaging program for the library.  Pretty cool!

Many folks don’t have a community theater in town, but there is often a high school theater department that puts on shows.  Often those shows are kid-friendly, and someone (I can’t remember who, I’m sorry!) mentioned that they work with their high school for a library appearance of some of the characters–same result as a community theater.  I could imagine the high school students who don’t have a lead but are a chorus member might have more time to do this, and could do just as great of a job with kids–including maybe leading them in some theater games.

Anyone else doing a collaboration like this?