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2017 Webinars

Wild Wisconsi Winter Web Conference Recordings and Handouts.

2016 Webinars

Troubleshooting OverDrive with Maureen Welch.  Recording.  Slides.

Rethinking Adult Programs and Displays with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Slides.

Tools for Community Engagement and Planning with Cindy Fesemyer.  Slides.  Recording.

Sound Learning with Michele Cobb, Sharon Grover and Mary Burkey.  Recording.  Slides.  Recording.  Sound Learning Website

Trustee Training Week with various presenters.  Recordings, slides, and CE sheets.

Bridging the Physical/Virtual Divide:  Readers Advisory in the Digital Arena with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Blog post.

Demystifying Genre with Becky Spratford.  Recording.  Blog post.

YSS Powerhouse Presents:  Transforming Collections with Katherine Elchert and Kelsey Johnson Kaiser.  Recording.

Readers Advisory for All with Becky Spratford.   Recording.  Blog Post.

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Recordings and Handouts.

2015 Webinars

Reference Interview with Peter Rudrud.  Recording.  Slides.

Creating and Managing ILL Requests on WisCat with Maureen Welch.  Recording.

Time-Saving Technology Tools with Gus Falkenberg.  Recording.

YSS Powerhouse Presents:  Outreach and Community Partnerships with Monica LaVold, Georgia Jones, Cole Zrostlik, and Sarah Cournoyer.  Recording and Slides.

Drupal Website Tips (9/30) with Gus Falkenberg, recording and webpage

NaNoWriMo:  Programming for All Ages (9/8) with Samma Johnson, recording and slides

Budgeting, Part 2 (5/20) with John Thompson, recording and slides

Budgeting, Part 1 (5/13) with John Thompson, recording and slides

Understanding Teen Development for More Effective Communication (4/22) with Kristen Bruder, recording and slides

Create Your Own Infographics (3/3) with Kathy O'Leary, recording and slides.

Troubleshooting Overdrive (2/26) with Maureen Welch, recording and slides.

Summer Programs--and Beyond--For Adults (2/6) with Heather Johnson, Megan Olson and Chris Hamburg, recording and slides

Child Development, 5-8 Years (2/3) with Brook Berg, recording and slides

Child Development, 0-4 Years (1/27) with Brook Berg, recording and slides

Wild Wisconsin Winter Webinar Conference (1/21 and 1/22), hosted by Nicolet Federated Library system recordings and handouts available for all sessions.

2014 Webinars

Using Decision Center to Make Decisions (12/3) with Amanda Owen, recording and slides.

Backing Up Your Data (10/22) with Gus Falkenberg and Kris Schwartz, recording and slides.

Focused Innovation (9/24) with Joan Frye Williams, library futurist, recording

Ready, Set, Kindergarten (9/12) with Rachel Payne, Brooklyn Public Library, recording and wiki

Read, Play, Grow (9/5) with Rachel Payne, Brooklyn Public Library, recording, and wiki

Maintaining Your Technology (4/9) with Gus Falkenberg and Kris Schwartz, IFLS recording

Snazzy and Readable Emails (4/1) with Kathy O'Leary, IFLS recording

Creating Eye-Catching Brochures and Flyers (3/12) with Kathy O'Leary, IFLS recording

Beyond the Library Walls:  Librarians as Literacy Leaders for Summer Reading (3/11) with Mary Madigan and Victoria Sanchez, Milwaukee Public Library recording

Summer Library Programs for Adults (3/5) with Christina Jones (Altoona), Renee Ponzio and Isa Small (Eau Claire) recording

Picturing a New Way to Find Children's Books (2/28) with Kathleen Larson (G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library in Bloomer) recording

Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Week (2/26) with Shelly Cedarblade (Woo Social Media Marketing) slides and recording

Beyond Recycling:  Sustainability Projects to Engage the Community (2/6) with Bess Arneson and Denise Madland (Eau Claire) and Kelly Jo Becker and Cindy Mischnick (LaCrosse) recording

Demystifying Library Legislative Day (1/10/14) with Kris Adams Wendt, Karen Furo-Bonnstetter and Michael Norman recording

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference (1/15 and 1/16) with 10 speakers recordings.

If you are looking for archives of webinars from before 2014, they may be available.  Please contact Leah Langby.