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2016 Workshop Handouts

note:  webinar handouts or Power Points can be found on the Archived Webinars Page

November 11:  Build a Better World SLP/Youth Services with Holly Storck-Post and IFLS Librarians.  Resource page.

October 5:  Collection Development with CCBC Librarians Megan Schliesman and Merri Lindgren and with IFLS Librarians.  

June 7 and 8:  Trustee Essentials with John Thompson Power Point.

March 23:  Supervisory Challenges and Project Management with Pat Wagner Handouts

February/March:  Devices and Downloading Demos with Barb Krueger Handouts

2015 Workshops Handouts 

note:  webinar handouts or Power Points can be found on the Archived Webinars Page

1/27:  Personnel Policies and Best Practices Facilitated Discussion Power Point and Resources

4/9:  Early Literacy and Family Engagement with Lilly Irvin-Vitela Power Point and Resources

4/23:  Technology Day Resources/Handouts

9/18:  New Media, Early Literacy, and Libraries with Carissa Christner Resources/Handouts

9/25:  Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture Resources, Employee Performance Review Form, Self-Evaluation Form

10/6:  Media Mentor Training with Erin Walsh and Chip Donohue Resources

11/19:  Ready, Set, Plan:  SLP and Beyond with Marge Loch Wouters, Sharon Grover, and others Resources

2014 Workshops and Webinars--Handouts

11/18:  Discover Your Inner SLP Superhero Self Power Page!

10/9:  Lead the Revolution Felton Thomas and Rachel Rubin Power Point, recording (avail. until December 31)

6/25 and 26:  Increase Your Library Visibility Kathy Pletcher handouts

5/15/2014:  Storytimes for Everyone Saroj Ghoting handouts

4/24/2014:  Brains at Play Dipesh Navsaria slides, Jim Gill handouts:  Music Play with Purpose and Song Lyrics

4/9/2014:  Maintaining Your Tech webinar with Gus Falkenberg and Kris Schwartz, IFLS, slides

4/1/2014:  Snazzy and Readable Emails webinar with Kathy O'Leary, IFLS, slides

3/28/2014:  Summer Library Program Idea Swap ideas/resources shared

3/12/2014:  Creating Eye-Catching Brochures and Flyers with Kathy O'Leary, IFLS slides

3/11/2014:  Beyond the Library Walls:  Libraries as Literacy Leaders for Summer Reading with Victoria Sanchez and Mary Madigan, Milwuakee Public Library slides and handouts

3/5/2014:  Summer Library Programs for Adults with Christina Jones, Isa Small and Renee Ponzio.  Christina's slides

2/28/2014:  Picturing a New Way to Find Picture Book with Kathleen Larson slides, blog posts, shelf markers 1 and 2, Pinterest Board, list of categories

2/26/2014:  Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Week with Shelly Cedarblade slides

2/13/2014:  STEAM-y SLP Workshop:

2/6/2014:  Beyond Recycling:  Sustainability Projects to Engage Your Community

2013 Workshops and Webinars--Handouts

2013 Handouts

For handouts from workshops prior to 2013, contact Leah (langby@ifls.lib.wi.us)