COVID-19 Changes to Delivery

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Update 7/9/2020: More Bins are On The Way!

Due to quarantine times, everyone is short on bins.  Maureen has ordered another 200 new bins this morning which should be delivered to WALTCO next week.  
In the meantime, please use boxes as needed. Or if you want to prioritize items going to fill holds instead of returns, you may have a cart of unquarantined items for your browsers 🙂

Any COVID-19 related changes will appear here. Normal website information will not be changed unless it becomes permanent. If you have questions or concerns, submit a help-desk ticket or contact Maureen directly at

Delivery Schedule is at the bottom of the page.

Courier Guidelines

IFLS & WVLS worked with WALTCO to create courier guidelines based on the reopening guidelines for handling library materials and delivery.  These courier guidelines were in last Friday’s weekly digest, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them.  They are posted on the IFLS website (CO-VID page/Delivery tab) at this link: (a link to PDF of the document is available if you want to print out).

Mark Date and Time

Per guidelines, please mark both the date & time on the bins when you close them. The time will help determine when the actual 72 hours is passed for quarantine. As we add more days of delivery, that time can help determine when to open.  If the bin is not marked with a closure date/time, please quarantine for 72 hours from receipt (one possibility is that the bin tipped in route & tape was taken off).

Quarantine Clarification

We do have some confusion about who is quarantining & when. Per these guidelines, it is the receiver (either terminal or library) that doesn’t open the bins for 72 hours from date and time on the bin.

Drivers should be sanitizing their hands before pick up and after pick up to help with staying safe with bins.  But I would also like to ask libraries to consider wiping down handles of bins going out and coming in.

NOTE: Please make sure to check bins for mistakes & double check the label for pre-sort bins before closing. The quarantine times can make these small errors such as a hold shelf item in a bin last a long time 🙁

Maureen has developed some suggestions based on statements from WRLS and River Falls Public Library. When you’re developing your statement, the key points to cover are quarantine time and the care that your library is using to slowly expand services with your community’s health in mind.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust our services according to the guidance of the Department of Public Instruction and our local health officials. We are prioritizing the wellness and safety of our patrons and staff. All items returned to [your name here] are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours which means that you may not see returned items removed from your account immediately. (WRLS version)

Materials from other MORE libraries are starting to arrive but will take longer to arrive due the backlog from March – June, limited delivery, and quarantine time.  Feel free to place holds on materials from other MORE libraries.  New holds that are available at other libraries may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
Thank for you for your patience. (RFPL version)

Delivery Schedule

For the week start July 27, 2020