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IFLS Trustee Orientation Packet

Annual Calendar


  • Board Elections
  • New appointments/Reappointments
  • Trustee Orientation


  • Annual Report/Complicance Overview
  • Financial Report for close of prior fiscal year and the new fiscal year


  • Audit Report
  • Personnel Committee – begin Discussion on director evaluation process


  • Mid-year budget revision if needed
  • Director evaluation conducted


  • Personnel Committee – wage recommendation for director and staff
  • Budget approval
  • Long-range plan review/update approval


  • Budget/Plan finalization (if needed)


Important Resources

AE 17: Membership in the Library System from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

The Public Library System Board–the Broad Viewpoint (26) from Trustee Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Trustees from WI-DPI

Wisconsin Library Systems map from WI-DPIboard packet 2020

MORE brochure

Bylaws for the IFLS Library System

System Board Roles and Responsibilities 2020 slides

View or print the pdf of the Handout that includes IFLS mission/vision, website overview, directions

Guide for the Responsible IFLS Library System Trustee (link coming soon)

Library population, county, type of library spreadsheet (link coming soon)

IFLS website orientation pdf