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Last Updated On July 09, 2019
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2019 Workshop Handouts

STEAM-Tastic Workshop with Leah Hamilton.

 Resources and slides

2018 Workshop Handouts

Youth Services/Summer Library Program Workshop 

with Brooke Newberry, Kristi Helmkamp, and Marguerite Blodgett

Some Assembly Required:  Beyond Storytime Programming with Brooke Newberry.  SlidesHandout.

Teen and Tween SLP slides  from Kristi Helmkamp

Teen and Tween Outreach slides   from Kristi Helmkamp

A Universe of Stories NASA Ideas from Marguerite Blodgett.

Slides and Handouts.

Tech Days Workshop

Laura Solomon Slides:

Make Your Web Presence Pop Slides (Anne Hamland)

Online Security and Privacy Slides (Cole Zrostlik and Kim Kiiskinin)

Handout on Improving Staff Technology Competency (Delane James)

Budgeting Workshop with Krista Ross


Adult Programming Bonanza 

Keynote and Breakout Session Slides and Handouts

2017 Workshop Handouts

Libraries for All:  Creating Welcoming and Accessible Libraries for Youth with Disabilities with Renee Grassi

BadgerLink Training with Kara Ripley, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning

presentation slides

Community Engagement Sessions

Session One handouts:  Clear Vision Eau Claire tool kit and other resource;  Harwood Institute resources;   Aspen Institute Strategies for Success

Session Two handout

Session Three:


For handouts from workshops prior to 2017, contact Leah (langby@ifls.lib.wi.us)