The Youth Services Section of the Wisconsin Library Association is doing an amazing job keeping up with online learning opportunities for kids and families on the YSS Blog.  But what about us librarians?  By today, most of us are working from home or at least working on projects in the library with no public to directly serve.  For some of us, that means we have extra time to do some online learning and deep work.  Therefore, this is the first of many posts on this topic.

I’m guessing right now, as we all get used to the topsy-turvey and ever-changing situation, many of us are feeling like our zone of comfort is quite small, our zone of chaos is very large, and our zone of learning is thus affected (thanks to Beck Tench for this idea and graphic!).  Learning new and challenging things requires us to leave our comfort zone, and that is maybe a place many of us need to stay for right this second.

I’m hoping that as we get used to our new normal at work and settle in to the decisions that have been made to keep us all as safe as possible we will have a little more attention to devote to these pursuits!  IFLS Librarians:  If you would like help figuring out some individualized learning opportunities or projects, please reach out to me.  I would be happy to help you with that. A terrific team of system and state level folks are working on creating some excellent lists, including some targeted lists, of CE opportunities.  Keep an eye out here and on the Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone blog for these lists!

In the meantime, if you are looking for something to get you started, I’ll share a few IFLS resources to peruse (more to come):

  • Recorded webinars sponsored or co-sponsored by IFLS
  • The IFLS Storytime Page has a lot to offer, and the Youth Services Page in general has a lot of good information
  • Job-Seeker Resources has been recently updated (and it even includes links if you are hoping to beef up your own technology skills)
  • The Adult Services page is full of other great content, including information about Civic Labs, Inclusive Services, the Census, Elections, and more
  • The Marketing Page is great to look at for design tips and information about advocacy

Take care out there!