This weekend, I started getting texts from my daughter like, “I like the way you laugh with your whole body,” and “I love you and your hardworking hands,” and “Fred Rogers would be proud of the way you’ve lived your life.”  I’m not sharing these texts to brag (though, shucks, that is pretty cool, isn’t it?)  I am sharing it because they are a result of a brilliant idea she had.

Like most of us, she has been increasingly anxious and uncertain and worried about the COVID-19 outbreak.  Spending time on social media was exacerbating that anxiety (can you relate?).  Then, on Friday, she decided she needed to stop checking social media, but most of us know hard that can be to actually do.  She came up with the brilliant plan of sending positive texts to people she loves every time she feels tempted to check Facebook.  Wow, was that ever great for her loved ones.  And guess what?  She said:  “My plan is working swimmingly!  It’s making me feel better and more hopeful!!”

There are lots of positive things we can do for each other and for people who are stressed and vulnerable right now.  And guess what?  It might make US feel better, too!  Ryan Dowd posted a short video this week about generosity, it’s worth peeking at.

Back tomorrow with some tools and ideas for sharing content and programming for kids and families even when programs are cancelled or the library is closed.