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MORE Proxy Vote Form

Directors Council


The purpose of the MORE Directors Council shall be to set policies, standards and plans for the MORE system and conduct regular business of MORE such as routine expenditure, routine policies and/or emergency policies as needed, etc. 

The Directors Council shall be comprised of the directors of the libraries of the MORE member institutions, acting on behalf of those institutions, and the director of IFLS, acting on behalf of IFLS.  The MORE Administrator and MORE System Administrator and other MORE staff shall be ex officio non-voting members of the Directors Council. 

The regular meetings of the Directors Council shall be held at a time, date and place to be established by the Directors Council, but shall be held at least quarterly.  The date, time, and place may be altered provided that such decision was made at the meeting prior to the meeting in question or by emergency decision of the Chair, and provided that proper notice was given.  The Chair shall distribute notices and agendas of meetings. 

A quorum of the Directors Council shall be required to conduct the business of the Directors Council.  A quorum shall be defined as the presence of members possessing at least 51% of all existing votes based on vote distribution by access points and 51% of member institutions.

Members: All directors of MORE member libraries


  • Kathleen Larson (G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library [Bloomer]), Chair
  • Krissa Coleman (Hazel Mackin Community Library [Roberts]), Vice-Chair
  • Ginny Julson (Boyceville Public Library), Secretary

Executive Committee 


Limited to directors. Executive Committee members shall include the elected Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary; the Director of IFLS; and one Advisory Committee Chair who is appointed by the Chair of the Directors Council. The MORE Administrator and the System Administrator shall be ex officio non-voting members of the committee. The purpose of this committee is to conduct the regular business of MORE between meetings of the full Directors Council, to investigate and make recommendations regarding matters requiring the action of the full Directors Council, and to draft a prelimanary budget. Meets the first Friday of each month, more often if necessary.


  • Kathleen Larson (G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library [Bloomer]), Chair
  • Krissa Coleman (Hazel Mackin Community Library [Roberts]), Vice-Chair
  • Ginny Julson (Boyceville Public Library), Secretary
  • Kim Hennings (Friday Memorial Library [New Richmond]), Director-at-Large 
  • John Thompson (IFLS)
  • Lori Roholt (MORE), ex officio

Bibliographic Records and Standards Committee


Open to Directors and staff. Charged with maintaining the integrity of the MORE bibliographic database. Sets rules for cataloging and deals with questions and problems concerning the records. Meets as needed.


  • Meagan Bennett, Bloomer Public Library
  • Marguerite Blodgett, Boyceville Public Library
  • Jeanne Peterson, Chippewa Falls Public Library
  • Barbara Krueger, Deer Park Public Library
  • Bridget Krejci, IFLS
  • Julie Woodruff, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library (Eau Claire)
  • Jennifer Rickard, Friday Memorial Library (New Richmond)
  • Alyssa Woods, Park Falls Public Library
  • Jessica Wear, Phillips Public Library
  • Jon George, River Falls Public Library
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS, ex officio  
  • Deb Faulhaber, IFLS, ex officio

Operations Committee


Open to Directors and staff. Charged with formulating guidelines and procedures for MORE circulation and resource sharing operations. Considers all system settings and makes recommendations on consortium policies. Meets quarterly.


  • Martha Spangler, Altoona Public Library
  • Ellen Rosenow, Amery Area Library
  • Leslie LaRose, Augusta Memorial Public Library
  • Bonnie Clausen, Baldwin Public Library
  • Diane Bergeron, Chippewa Falls Public Library
  • Laurie Braun, Ellsworth Public Library
  • Krissa Coleman, Hazel Mackin Community Library (Roberts)
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS
  • Paula Stanton, L.E Phillips Memorial Public Library (Eau Claire)
  • Joleen Sterk, Menomonie Public Library
  • Kim Hennings, Friday Memorial Library (New Richmond)
  • Kelly McBride, Osceola Public Library
  • Christy Rundquist, Pepin Public Library
  • Claire Parrish, Rice Lake Public Library
  • Heather Johnson, River Falls Public Library
  • Karen Furo-Bonnstetter, Woodville Community Library

Resource Sharing/Collection Development Committee (RSCD)


Open to Directors and staff. Charged with studying usage, finding ways to help member libraries use this information in their collection development practices and make recommendations regarding collection development for the MORE consortium; maintaining the guidelines for MORE's High-Demand Holds project; and identifying trends in resource sharing with the goal of increasing supply, saving costs, and providing more access to the whole collection for all its members. Meets quarterly.


  • Leslie LaRose, Augusta Memorial Public Library
  • Sue Queiser, Barron Public Library
  • Howard Rakes, Chippewa Falls Public Library
  • Sally Cheslock, Friday Memorial Library (New Richmond)
  • Tina Norris, Hudson Area Public Library
  • Maureen Welch, IFLS
  • Renee Ponzio, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library (Eau Claire
  • Hollis Helmeci, Rusk County Community Library (Ladysmith)
  • Jacquie Pooler, Plum City Public Library
  • Katherine Elchert, Rice Lake Public Library