Last week I was able to attend the Re-Imagining School Readiness workshop in Marshfield.  The workshop, sponsored by DPI and funded by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, was one of the most useful workshops I’ve attended!

The presenter, Michelle Randall, works for the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s Center for Childhood Creativity.  They have developed some amazing resources for librarians to use to help them tweak programs, passive programs, and interactions with kids to help kids develop skills that will help them once they get to school.  These skills are not so much recognizing letters and being able to count to 100.  We discussed the importance of developing a growth mindset (open to learning and working hard, and not so focused on success), and important skills related to talking and playing; body and brain; and science and math.  So much great, research-backed and FUN stuff!

They have developed a marvelous toolkit to help librarians with these tweaks.  I highly recommend taking a look.  You’ll find great posters and bookmarks that encourage conversation between caregivers and kids, activity ideas, and information about research behind all the research.  If you are sad you missed the workshop, there are also webinars available as part of the toolkit!  It’s great stuff!

Look for more about this, coming in the next several months.  I’m excited to see this in action!