book cover

My husband made my day this morning.  I was rushing out the door after brushing my teeth while listening to a report on the radio about a recently released study by UW-Madison faculty about the link between poverty, brain development, and outcomes later in life.  Dean stopped me in my tracks when he told me he had done a good deed the day before, and I had a hunch it was related to the information about Reach Out and Read we’d just heard on the radio.  I figured it was worth being a few minutes later than I meant to be (less interesting things have certainly caused me to be tardy on other days!).

He was browsing the books at Savers (like you do) the other day and came across a mint-condition copy of Rosemary Wells and Iona Opie’s My Very First Mother Goose for the bargain price of $2.  This is often our go-to book for baby showers partly because we loved it so much when our kids were small–we all still quote from it to this day.  He was about to snatch it up when he saw a woman perusing the (less enduring) children’s books.  He handed the book to her and told her it was the one to get if she wanted one that she would enjoy reading over and over and over.  She is raising her two year old granddaughter while her parents sort some things out, and was super-pleased to get the recommendation and the book.  Readers Advisory for the WIN!  Now this family has a terrific book at their house that they get to keep and read and enjoy for years.