I am guessing that many of you are feeling anxious about the ever-changing and sometimes confusing advice about what to do in the face of COVID-19.  I’m sure especially folks who have programming coming up–programming you’ve worked hard to prepare and that your community is asking for–are especially wondering what to do.  Here is some more information to consider:

  • We don’t have much in the way of surge capacity in our health care system.  During flu season, many hospitals and clinics are already at or near capacity.  Accommodating a huge and fast spike from COVID-19 has the potential to overwhelm the system, which means that if you get into a car accident or have heart trouble, it will take longer to get the care you need.  Here’s an article about that.
  • Social distancing, self-isolation, hand washing, school closings, and canceling library programs are all things that will slow down and spread out the arrival of cases in our communities.  That makes it less likely that our health care system will be completely overwhelmed.
  • Social distancing and all the other measures will also help to protect the people who work at and use our libraries who are more vulnerable–you’d be surprised at the number of people you know and love and work with who have an underlying health condition that makes them more vulnerable to serious complications from this illness.

Some of the changes we will all have to make in the next few weeks or months will be disappointing, difficult, and no fun at all.  But important, nonetheless.

** Please note:  the image above was created by Esther Kim and Carl Bergstrom, and they have made it free and shareable.  Please use as needed.