Katelyn’s Pick of the Week

Free E-Course: Community Conversations, Learning Facilitation Skills 

Whether you want to start some community conversations about challenging topics, have a more effective book club discussion or gather information for a strategic plan, learning or refreshing your facilitation skills can help! Learn at your own pace with this free e-course from the American Library Association. This course includes 6 modules, with short videos, text, handouts and more to help you distill your topic, set-up the conversation, lead the groups effectively and more.

According to the website, “Through six modules, it introduces library workers to the basics of leading conversations. While created for small and rural libraries, the information is relevant to libraries of all sizes and types.”

I encourage you all to take a peek!

Applause, please

Do you know a librarian or a trustee who deserves some recognition?  Do you have a library program you are extra proud of?  Is your library is doing fantastic work and you’d like to see it get the kudos it deserves?  Consider nominating someone (or your own library or program) for a statewide award from the Wisconsin Library Association! Submit a HelpDesk ticket if the application process is daunting and you want some help to break it down. Here’s the link with all the info:  https://www.wisconsinlibraries.org/awards-honors

Disappearing subscriptions?

If you recently migrated your email from google you may not be seeing all your favorite e-letters. There are a few ways to deal with that.

  1. Preferred: log in with your old email address and password and change your preferences to your new Outlook address.
  2. Use a linked google account to log in. Here’s how Jeanette from Cumberland explained it to me: “I got in through my home gmail account, then switched the address to my new Outlook work email.”
  3. Resubscribe. Most e-letter platforms will eventually remove your old address.

Coming up at IFLS

Well this is neat!

Deb Fauhaberl visited Elmer’s Toy and Auto Museum in Fountain City this weekend and thought this relic was so cool—Winding Rivers Library System bookmobile in its final resting place.