Expanded Scholarship Opportunities Available

Because in-person conferences are being cancelled, IFLS has addition scholarship funds for online conferences.  IFLS staff will evaluate the applications based on these criteria:

  • Financial need
  • How you plan to apply what you learn to your work
  • Agreement to provide some kind of report about your experience (examples include:  written report, blog post, conversation with IFLS staff, presentation to other librarians)
  • Agreement of your supervisor to allow you time to participate, OR your own agreement to participate on your own time

The opportunities are:

To apply, fill out the most concise application form ever by July 31. If you have questions, please let Leah know!

Today is the Deadline for Wage and Benefit Survey

Join the majority! If you haven’t yet submitted your survey yet, this is your chance. This valuable information is useful for all our libraries. Your information will make this a better tool. Thanks!:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAHxUlcahvyNocTvETnnMSfnLdSZ30cTw4xO6t346EncxQGQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

COVID re-opening tips

Here are a few COVID reopening/scaling back important points, a collaborative effort from Leah and John.

  1. Get your board to pass a policy that allows the director the discretion to close in an emergency or scale back services to curbside if cases significantly increase.
  2. Work with your public health department (or if yours doesn’t want to work with you, look at the guidelines from other health departments) and/or monitor information from the County or Statewide COVID statistical dashboards.
  3. Use the library reopening guide as a tool to increase or decrease your service levels. Consult other resources such as the WEDC, CDC, and OSHA guidelines as needed.
  4. Be Safe.

New on the Website

The monthly calendar is now color-coded to make it easier to navigate. MORE meetings are orange, webinars are green,Trustee meetings and events are blue, check-ins are yellow. Not everything is color-coded, but those are the repeating events that I thought would be useful to call out. Other ways to find things on the calendar: use the calendar search bar, or click on tags that show up at the end of the event description.

Free and Good

Tech Days

Tech Days 2020 is a series of 4 webinars over 2 days, and you may register here.

Excellent Webinar Suggestion from Leah

Many of us are trying to think of how we can stand up for racial justice, even in the midst of the pandemic that is wreaking havoc with our everyday operations.  The Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone blog post, Three Things You Can Do to Promote Anti-Racism Efforts in Your Library, has three concrete things you can do.  In a nutshell,  remember the Inclusive Services Guide (now with electronic scoring available), listen to the recordings from the Advancing Racial Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Symposium (Pro tip from Leah–this was excellent!), and respond to the call to action from the Public Library Association.  All of these suggestions have resources for learning and thinking, as well as specific ideas for action!

EveryLibrary Institute Free On-demand Webinars

They’ve got a bunch. This month they’re highlighting:

Teenage Girls are Influencers

The ALA has a PSA for that.

Journals Online and Free for Now