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Digital Access in Education Video Series

(from ARSL, forwarded by Cricket LaFond, Clear Lake Public Library)

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is proud to announce a video series covering a variety of topics on digital access in education, including how people with disabilities use technology, applicable Federal regulations, and identifying and remediating barriers to access.  Whether you are in the educational field or not, these videos have wide ranging coverage for those who want to know: What makes technology accessible for individuals with disabilities? And how can I make my site or platform more accessible?

This series is hosted in partnership with the ADA National Network and offers practical “how to” information to assist with compliance such as how people with disabilities use technology, applicable Federal laws, and how to identify, address, or avoid many technological barriers that interfere with the ability of parents and students with disabilities fully to participate in educational opportunities.

For questions or comments regarding this video series, please contact the Office of Civil Rights at

Ideas to Action Fund Application Deadline Extended

The application deadline for WiLS 2022 Ideas to Action Fund has been extended to June 20. The WiLS Ideas to Action Fund provides grants of up to $5,000, so all types of libraries can bring their project ideas to life. The Fund encourages partnerships and collaborations among WiLS members and with community partners, supports innovative and exploratory new work within the Wisconsin library community, and seeds the development of processes, methods, or resources that can be used by other libraries and cultural organizations.

From Anne: Tockify and Canva resources

(from Anne’s email earlier this week. Questions go to Anne at

  • Tockify Tutorial Video
  • Agenda and Resources
    • Examples, current peer websites using Tockify, image templates.
  • Tockify and Microsoft 365
    • Manually sync your Microsoft 365 calendar with Tockify. See the wonderful directions provided by Barb Krueger.
  • Canva for Nonprofits
    • Apply for the paid version with all its perks and be sure to use the comment fields to talk about how the library is a non-profit and would greatly benefit from a discount.

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