WISCAT starts August 3: There’s a Webinar for That

  • July 29 WISCAT service webinar directly from the WISCAT team that will cover questions from the first webinar.This is the second of two webinars from the WISCAT team, and will be recorded. The webinar will cover the “Resuming WISCAT services” google doc in detail, including live demos of necessary or suggested configuration changes. This session will also incorporate questions from the first webinar.
  • August 4 WISCAT Basic Training with Maureen.


The REACH research has shown that magazines harbor traces of the virus up to 96 hours. Out of an abundance of caution, most libraries are extending their quarantine to 96 hours. Look for updated guidelines on the COVID-19 page. Keep those bins moving, please!

Curbside Scheduling Tool: Great News from Anne Hamland

The WP Time Slot Booking Form is THE Booking Calendar that I recommend. It can do all the functions we need FOR FREE. The other Booking Calendar option was close, but this one takes the cake!
Here’s a quick video tutorial to walk through all the awesome features.
Email Anne at ahamland@wvls.org to get started.

New on the Website

  • Link to the DHS page with county COVID-19 statistics is under the Federal/State Guidance toggle on the COVID-19 page.
  • Quarterly Marketing Tracker spreadsheet. This allows you to look at marketing efforts (like FB posts, newsletters, mailers, etc) and measurable (like library card sign-ups, for instance) on the same page. It’s customizable. The link lives on the IFLS Marketing page.
  • The initial Canva Hands-on Workshops, which were limited to 3 participants, are full, but you can add your name to a waiting list. This might morph into monthly open workshops if the demand is there!

Speaking of the website, please complete the evaluation survey!

It’s short! Here’s the link.