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Annual Report 2021 information and resources

Instructions & Letter from John


REMINDER—When contacting Juli or John about annual report questions, please copy both of them on the email. This will allow them to respond as quickly as possible to your questions. 

Annual report time is here, and Juli and I wanted to share the schedule/timeline to ensure submission by the mandatory deadline. You should have received notification via email on 1/24/2022 that the electronic form is now available.  If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder and general library email account to see if it was sent to that account.  The email would have come from WI@countingopinions.com.

The Annual Report Instructions and Worksheets have been updated for the 2021 report.  They can be found either at the DPI site https://dpi.wi.gov/pld/data-reports/annual-report.  Additional IFLS specific information and additional updates will be shared via email.


February 14, 2022 – Deadline to have the Annual Report Data entered and the form locked for review by Juli Button and John Thompson. 

Juli and John will be reviewing reports as they are completed.  Please email both Juli and John when you are ready for us to review your reports.  We will review and contact you if we have questions about the report.  We will let you know that it is okay for you to print the report and have approved and signed by the library board president. 

February 23, 2022—Signed print copies must be received via email or mail at the IFLS office. 

This year you can send signed, scanned PDF’s to Joanne Gardner at gardner@ifls.lib.wi.us. The PDF file name should be “2021 City Name” like 2021 Ladysmith.  

IFLS needs them by Feb 23rd to make sure forms are properly signed and we can send them to the DPI by the State Statute deadline of March 1st. If you don’t have the ability the scan and email the report, you can send the report via courier, so it arrives in the office by the Feb 24 

We will be sharing additional Annual Report updates as needed.  


  • RECORDING of John, Juli and Leah talking you through the report.   NOTE:  Since the recording was made additional pre-fill information has been added to form site including the interlibrary loan numbers and the beginning balances for Other funds held by the Library Board.
  • You can always call or email for help
  • If you would like a chance to work on the report away from the constant demands at the library, you can join us for an in-person work time at the IFLS office.  IFLS staff will be on hand on February 4th from 12:30-3:30 to answer questions as you work.  Masks required for all participants.  Register here by February 3 (space is limited).