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Annual Report for 2023: information and resources

Annual Report

Wisconsin DPI Annual Report page

In-person workshops

Update from the IFLS team

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REMINDER—When contacting Adam, Katelyn, and John about annual report questions, please copy all of us on the email. This will allow us to respond as quickly as possible to your questions.

John Thompson, Director thompson@ifls.lib.wi.us

Adam Fuller, Business Manager fuller@ifls.lib.wi.us

Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator langby@ifls.lib.wi.us

Katelyn Noack, Public Services Consultant noack@ifls.lib.wi.us

Annual Report Season 2024 (for 2023 report) over

See you next year. Contact IFLS staff with a HelpDesk ticket, or any of the contacts on this page, if you have questions.

Changes in 2023.