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Collection Development: Weeding

Need help with weeding? Ask us!

General Tips

  • Weeding should be included in your library’s collection development policy and be considered as part of the library’s collection goals
  • Make weeding a part of your collection management routine
    • Determine who among library staff will be responsible for weeding the collection
    • Create a weeding plan (see the CREW’s manual’s 10-step process)
    • Use Decision Center to send you scheduled/automated weeding reports
  • Feeling overwhelmed or short on time/staffing? Start here:
    • Circulation: Low use or duplicate copies – use Decision Center weeding reports to identify items fitting these criteria
    • Condition: Browse the stacks to check the condition of materials, and/or use Decision Center weeding reports (high circ or age of collection reports)
  • Next steps: Evaluate materials based on the following (see the CREW manual’s Guidelines for Weeding your Collection):
    • Content: Is the information outdated, inaccurate, misleading, or biased?
    • Relevance: Is the material relevant to current needs and interests of the community?

Tools & Resources

Articles & Webinars