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Toolkit: Explore MORE 2022 Passport Campaign

Thank you!

The Explore MORE Passport Program ends on July 15 at the end of your business day.

A giant thank you from the Marketing Committee to you all for making this pilot program successful! You can stamp passports and give out entry forms until the end of the day today (July 15, 2022).

Here’s what to do to close out this program.

Send back to IFLS via courier marked “IFLS, attn: Reb”

  1. Any entry forms you get before the end of the day Friday, July 15

  2. Your tally sheet

    • Include the end count of passports, plus the number you printed at your library.

    • If you forgot to fill in the number of additional passports you printed at your library, take a guess at it and tell me it’s a guess.

    • If you didn’t use the tally sheet for any reason, please return it anyway. If you’d like to tell me why you didn’t use it, that’d be great.

  3. Your little wooden/rubber stamp(s). I’ll keep them safe until next year. Feel free to keep and use the stamp pad.

Please recycle any remaining passports after you’ve counted them for the tally sheet.

Please help us evaluate the program!

Any MORE library staff can fill out this form! I made this as short and straightforward as I could–it should take less than 5 minutes. Can you take the time to fill it out now while this is all fresh in your mind? Thanks from the whole marketing committee.


Table of Contents




Explore MORE 2022 Passport Program with compass

Watch this page for updates and developments! Questions? Contact Reb at kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

Logos, Fonts, Printables, Your Code


July Toolkit: That’s a wrap!

Thank you to all of you for making our first Explore MORE passport program a success!

The last day to accept entries is July 15. This month the focus is on encouraging people to finish up and get their entry forms in. Let your library staff know about the deadline, and encourage them to mention it at checkout. It’s also a great time to thank participants and community partners.

Questions? Use the HelpDesk or contact Reb directly kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

Social Media 

Week of July 4 post: Time’s running out! Make sure to get your stamped passports in to any MORE library before July 15 so you can fill out your entry form for the prize drawing.

Canva template or control-click to copy png
Clock running holding Explore MORE Passport

Week of July 11 – Friday is the last day! Thanks to everybody that participated in the first Explore MORE Passport program! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Take a minute (or four) to fill out this quick survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=BTXfgn82BUOiCkfcfkvLjSu5zifVRIZKvf7FCjrCks1UN1hLNUFOREY5QzRNQlFCSE9QVE1EQTc2VC4u

Canva Link or control-click to copy the PNG.


July 15 deadline running clock posters


I used the Divi Countdown Timer to make the timer you can see on the IFLS homepage. It took less than 5 minutes.

People are using the survey! (I’ll be sharing those in the final report for the program.) Please share freely! You can find the survey on the passport page, or use this link to share the survey.

June Toolkit: There’s Still Time!

We’re all busy with Summer Library Programs! Try to remember to bring Passports along to off-site programs. Encourage people to participate, there’s still plenty of time to visit ten libraries! Also, remind people to redeem and fill out their entry forms if they have ten libraries stamped. Participants can keep their passport and continue to get stamps and entry forms until the end of the day on July 15.

Questions? Use the HelpDesk or contact Reb directly kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

Social Media 

Week of June 6 post: Promote your StoryWalk® if you have one.

Canva template or control-click to copy png
Girl sitting in sunshine to read a Story Walk sign

Week of June 13 – Post on Friday, June 17: Four Weeks Left! There’s plenty of time to participate, so grab your passport and start exploring! You’ll need to visit ten MORE public libraries to get your entry form. Get all the details at the library, or online at https://iflsweb.org/exploremore2022/

Canva template or control-click to copy png
There’s still four weeks left to complete your Explore MORE Passport

Week of June 20 post: I love the Wisconsin countryside! There are some fun Rustic Roads to explore on your way to the next MORE library to get your Explore MORE passport stamped!

Canva template or control-click to copy png
Country road with farm fields and clear sky

Week of June 27: Summer’s flying by! It’s time to finish up your Explore MORE passport program. Go to any MORE library to get your entry form.

Canva template or control-click to copy png
Clock running holding Explore MORE Passport



I used the Divi Countdown Timer to make the timer you can see on the IFLS homepage. It took less than 5 minutes. 

I created a survey for the passport program in Excel. Since many of you are migrating over, I thought I’d use that tool instead of google. You can find it on the passport page, or use this link to share the survey. 

May Toolkit: Ready for Summer?

It’s a busy time with everybody getting ready for summer library programs.

You can continue actively marketing the passport program if you have time. Another strategy is called cross-marketing. It’s a great strategy if you have limited time for marketing because it combines some tasks.

 It’s also a great way to communicate all the things your library does! Don’t make assumptions about your audience. For instance, tell your Story Time audience about teen programs, tell your adult book club members about Story Time.  Always make sure you’re directing people back to your website where they can find out more about your library!

Some cross marketing strategies for the Explore MORE Passport Program:

  • Add a small passport logo to your program posters.
  • Offer passports to participants at your virtual or in-person program. (This would be a great time to also promote other library programs and services!)
  • Add a passport bookmark to your hold items and take-and-make kits (template linked below).
  • Remember that word-of-mouth is an excellent marketing strategy! Make sure your front-line staff have the tools and information they need to talk about what the library has to offer.

Questions? Use the HelpDesk or contact Reb directly kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

Social Media 

Week of May 9 post: Use your own photo if you have one! If not here’s mine.
Customizable post content: “Library Bike Tour: The [insert name] bike trail is easy to get to from the library! From here it’s [#miles] to [name of adjacent library town]. Stop in at the [name of library] if you want to get an extra stamp on your passport!”

Plug and play post content: Do you like to bike? Many MORE libraries are close to one of Wisconsin’s beautiful bike trails. The library’s a great place to find guide books, activity suggestions, directions and a friendly smile!

Week of May 16 post: “May flowers! Check out a wildflower or park guide at your MORE library. While you’re out explore, stop into any MORE library to get your passport stamped!” Link to the guide: Explore MORE Passport: Great Guides

Week of May 23 post: “Can you guess which MORE library this is? I took this photo when I stopped in to get my passport stamped. They even had some fun prizes for me!” Click on the photo for Canva link.

Week of May 30: “Summer’s started! We have some great ideas for summer fun for you! Check out our program schedule here (link) and while you’re at the library pick up your Explore MORE Passport for 52 places to have a summer adventure!” Add your library photo.


  • Explore MORE bookmarks. Use them on the hold shelf, tuck them in take and make kits, or wherever you’d like.These will print six-up and have cut marks. The canva template has a suggestion to customize with library programs on the back. The printable pdf sheet is just the front.
  • Do you use QR codes? Here’s one that links to the Explore MORE Passport Program page.

Answers to your questions this month

Q: We’re in Rusk County. We mark our visitors’ passports with two stamps. Should we put two stamps on our tally sheet, too?
A: No, the tally sheet is keeping track of visits. Just put one stamp per visitor on your tally sheet.

Q: Can people email to get their code?
A: Sure! Let’s make this as easy as possible for people! Remember that they still need to ask a question, and that they don’t need to have a library card. It would be completely appropriate for you to add a line at the end directing them to upcoming programs and/or your social media.

More As for your Qs are available on this page.

April Toolkit: Having Fun

In April, the program is new, novel and fun! Share the stories, share the fun! Please drop Reb an email and tell me what you’re up to, ask questions or share tips and ideas. I’ll put those in next month’s toolkit. kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

Social Media 

Facebook header in Canva

Week of April 11 post: Use your own photo if you have one! If not, use this one. “Have you picked up your Explore MORE Passport yet?”

Week of April 18 post: “Do you know where you’re going? There are so many choices on the Explore MORE Passport, you might want to make a plan! We created a list of our favorite guides to make it easier! Can’t find what you’re looking for? You MORE librarian is happy to help!” Link to the guide: Explore MORE Passport: Great Guides

Week of April 25 post: Use your own photo if you have one, if not use this one. “Have you made any fun discoveries on you Explore MORE Passport adventure? What was your favorite? (My photo is from last summer, can you guess where I was?)”

Reading Lists

I put together three MORE reading lists just for the Explore MORE Passport Program, using suggestions from system librarians.

  • Explore MORE: Our People, Our Places These are some of our librarians’ favorite books set locally or by local authors. Start here to find a fun read to accompany your Explore MORE Passport adventure! (Adult fiction and nonfiction.)
  • Explore MORE Passport: Just for Kids Books to bring with you on your Explore MORE Passport adventure!
  • Explore MORE: Great Guides We picked our favorite guides to get you started on your Explore MORE Passport adventure! (If you can’t find what you want here, your librarian is happy to suggest other options!)

March Toolkit: Building Anticipation

In March we’re trying to get people’s attention and build anticipation for the Explore MORE launch on April 4.

Social Media 

Facebook header Canva.  

Week of March 7 teaser post: What Will You Find? You want people to be wondering what this is, and you’re not answering all of their questions. It’s a surprise! Wait and see!  Canva   PNG

Week of March 14 teaser post: There Will Be Prizes! We’re still not giving them all the information, just an exciting detail. Share any launch event details that might add to the excitement, like “Details and Cookies at the library on April 4!” Canva  PNG

Week of March 21 post: Reveal! The public-facing passport info page will go live! (This page will be ready for you to view by the end of the week, but please don’t share the link on social media until the week of March 21!) On this post, you can tell people all about any special launch events. Suggested: New this year, the Explore MORE Passport Program guides you to discover MORE libraries and their communities. Enter to win prizes! (public info page url) Start your Explore MORE passport adventure on April 4! Canva  PNG

Week of March 28 post: Starting April 4! Customize for your library. Will there be any special events? How do they get their passport? Post with a detail or two. Don’t overwhelm. Canva PNG. Animated Facebook Post


Print Media/Press Release

This is content taken from the public facing page. This should give you all the details you need to write your article or press release. Contact Reb (kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us) if you need additional support.

Have an adventure! Explore MORE libraries to collect passport stamps for a chance to win prizes. At the same time, explore our beautiful communities with unique local businesses, parks, museums and more!

How to be an Explorer

1. Stop by any participating MORE library to pick up your passport, or download your passport (available April 4). Passports can be stamped from April 4, 2022 until July 15, 2022.

2. There are two ways that you can get your passport stamped.

  • Visit a MORE library and do one of the following: check out an item, participate in a program or activity, or sign in and use a public computer (For Instance, print out a map and directions to the next library you want to visit!)
  • Can’t travel? Call a MORE library and ask the librarian for a book or movie recommendation, or ask a question about the library or the community. You’ll get a secret code to add to your passport. Please don’t share your code.

Only one stamp or code per patron per library with the exception of the following MORE libraries. Visiting one of the following libraries in person gets you two stamps! Bruce Area Library, Rusk County Community Library in Ladysmith, Ogema Public Library, Phillips Public Library, Park Falls Public Library (Price and Rusk counties).

3. For every ten stamps or codes you collect, go to a MORE-member library and get an entry form for a chance to win prizes. You may enter up to five times.

4. The prize drawing will occur on August 1, 2022. Winners will be notified using the contact information on their entry form. Staff of IFLS Library System and MORE libraries are not eligible to win.


  • Grand Prize: 1 State Park Pass, 1 State Trail Pass, gas gift card, compass, road atlas, car blanket
  • 1st Prize: State Park Pass
  • 2nd Prize: State Trail Pass
  • 3rd Prize: gas card
  • 4th Prize: road atlas and compass

Plan Your Adventure

Most of our libraries are in rural areas that may not have cell coverage. (All MORE libraries have public internet access.)

We encourage you to find and download directions to your destinations!  You also might want to call ahead to confirm program details and open hours, especially if it’s a long drive for you.

Find a Library

The MORE app allows you to see locations, details and directions for all MORE libraries on your phone or mobile device. Find “MORE Libraries” on the Google Play or the Apple App Store.

You can also find links to library websites on the MORE online catalog.

Marketing Committee

This program was developed by the IFLS Marketing Committee. Contact any of these committee members with questions.

Rebecca Kilde (kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us) and Bridget Krejci (krejci@ifls.lib.wi.us), IFLS staff

Cricket LaFond, Director, Clear Lake Public Library (clafond@clearlakelibrary.org)

Michelle Johnson, Director, Hammond Public Library (mjohnson@hammondpubliclibrary.org)

Laura Turpin, Youth Services, St. Croix Falls Public Library (lturpin@stcroixfallslibrary.org)

Anne Hamland, Librarie Win Website Consultant (ahamland@wvls.org)


Minimal Required Participation: Each library will be asked to have passports and entry forms on hand to pass out, and appropriately stamp passports (not self-serve).

Add-ons encouraged: Libraries are encouraged to partner with other MORE libraries and local businesses to expand the passport program locally.


Primary Goal: Increase visitor traffic in libraries.

Secondary Goals:

  • Demonstrate the MORE system: you can check a book out from Rice Lake and return it to Ellsworth!
  • Lead up to Summer Library Programs.
  • Promote the MORE app.
  • Increase circulation, expand the number of card-holders.
  • Cultivate partnerships between libraries and local businesses.

Q & A

Submit your questions with a HelpDesk ticket.

Q: When should people get stickers?
A: When they completed their first ten visits. Each library got 9 stickers. Let me know right away if it seems like that won’t be nearly enough, and I’ll order some more.

Q: What if someone loses their passport?
A:We didn’t think of this, but maybe suggest that people put their name on their passports. (Definitely adding that in the future!) Here are suggestions from the committee. We’re making an assumption of honesty here. (I’ll be able to tell on the IFLS end if people have submitted too many entry forms! Individuals are limited to 5 entries.)

    1. Suggest that they call the libraries that they’ve visited to get a code. They would only need to contact libraries they haven’t yet submitted for an entry form, or
    2. Ask if they remember the lost libraries. Again, they’d only have to reconstruct libraries that haven’t been submitted for an entry form.

Q: Can I get additional supplies?
A: You bet. I have spare stamps and stamp pads, and will print more passports on demand. BTW, you can also print more passports yourself. Keep track of how many you print on your tally sheet, and request reimbursement for that cost.

Q: Could you clarify for me the purpose of the highlighter? Is it to mark which MORE libraries are participating in the Passport program? If that’s the case, how do we find out who’s participating?
A: The highlighter is to mark 10 libraries that people redeem for an entry form. So somebody comes in and says, “I visited 10 libraries and now I’d like my entry form.” You would mark with highlighter the 10 libraries that they’re using to get the entry form. That way those libraries couldn’t be used twice.
Barb (Deer Park) suggested this wording: Step 1: Verify that the participant has 10 library stamps that have not been crossed off for entry. Step #2: When counting a library stamp for entry cross it off with the highlighter.

Q: Can people email for the remote code?
A: Email as well as phone are just fine ways to engage with the library to receive your passport code. Use your discretion with email: if it looks like phishing or just something super weird, you can ignore as you would with any phishing or inappropriate emails.

Q: Where are the entry forms?
A: You got one sheet to use as a master in the original toolkit that came in courier. If you’ve misplace that, go to the Logos, Fonts, Printables header and click on the entry form pdf.

Q: About the prizes, are the trail and park pass for 2022 or 2023?
A: The winner can choose. The 2022 passes would be sent out in July after the drawing. If the winner prefers 2023 passes, those would be sent out when they become available, sometime in late 2022 or early 2023.

Q: We’re in Rusk County. We mark our visitors’ passports with two stamps. Should we put two stamps on our tally sheet, too?
A: No, the tally sheet is keeping track of visits. Just put one stamp per visitor on your tally sheet.





Fill out this form. In the form, you’ll identify your contact person and three bullet points to be included on the passport itself. These bullet points should highlight wonderful things about your library and your community that would inspire people to explore your town and library. Deadline is Feb 15.


This would be a good month to brainstorm and plan.

  • Contact your local businesses to let them know this is coming and how they might want to participate. Some ideas:
    • Would they put a poster in their shop window directing people to the library?
    • Would they like you to pass out coupons to passport participants?
    • If you’ll be creating a swag bag for your library, would they like to contribute to that?
  • Contact you local business association (for instance, Chamber of Commerce), tourist board or other community organization to identify ways to promote the campaign. For instance, are there upcoming events that you could participate in? Are there newsletters or calendars you could be listed on? Launch is April 4, press packets will be coming in March.
  • Think about which of your library’s programs would be appropriate to actively promote to passport participants. Will you want to hand out a flyer with your summer library programs on it, for instance?
  • Think about ways that you might want to promote the passport campaign as part of your regular promotional efforts, like newspaper columns, school newsletters, at your own library programs, your e-letter. Make a schedule for March.


This is the month to start building anticipation for next month’s launch.


Launch is April 4! Build excitement.


Cross promotion with Summer Library Programs