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Home Delivery Options

There are two main reasons your library may wish to specially designate patrons receiving home delivery services or patrons who are homebound:

  1. To gather statistics about this group’s library usage, separate from other patrons’ usage
  2. To help your library carry out services unique to this group

This special designation is achieved by the patron type (PTYPE) code in patron records. Home delivery/homebound patron types are:

  • 3 – Homebound w/Ratings
    • Can be configured to have a longer loan period
    • Associated with Sierra’s Homebound Module
    • Prompt for staff to print rating sheets at checkout. These can be delivered along with the library materials so that patrons can indicate their reading/viewing/listening preferences. This can help inform future staff choices for the patron.
    • Prompt for staff to enter patron ratings at check-in.
    • Staff can access special reports about these patrons’ reading history, including the ability to limit by check-out date and patron rating. For example, the report can be used to find one or more patrons’ highly-rated titles.
    • Reading History cannot be saved for patrons with this patron type.
  • 30 – EC Home Delivery
    • Used by L.E. Phillips (Eau Claire) only
    • Default 4-week checkout
  • 40 – Home Delivery
    • Can be configured to have a longer loan period