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Webinar quick links

2021 Webinars

Creating a Healthy Culture with Communication, Conduct, and Conflict Resolution with Emily Rogers and Karla Giraldez

Program Planning in a Pandemic:  There Have Been Stranger Things with Katherine Schoofs, Aram Public Library

Using Your Sphere of Influence to Create Big Ripples from Small Splashes with Zander Miller, Kenosha Public Library

A Recipe for Grant Success with Cricket LaFond, Clear Lake Public Library

Meet Your Partners in Workforce Development (Western Region)

Meet Your Partners in Workforce Development (Northwest Region)

Collection Development, Library Values, and Your Community:  Navigating a Busy Intersection

Health Information Online–Train the Trainers with Caitlyn Mowatt (Wisconsin Health Literacy)

Communicating with Plain Language with Reb Kilde

Marketing the Summer Library Program, Part 1 with Reb Kilde

2021 Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Archives (slides and recordings and activity reports)

Annual Report Help recording

2020 Webinars

Accessible Libraries 101 with Angela Meyers

Trustees Supporting Library Directors Series with Melissa McLimans and Stef Morrill

Session One: Understanding Your Role

Session Two: Understanding the Library

Session Three:  Connecting Libraries and the Community

Building Projects:  Evaluating the Alternatives with John Thompson

Dementia-Friendly Libraries with Lisa Wells

MORE Online Catalog with Lori Roholt and Kathy Setter

Fumbling with Facebook? with Reb Kilde

2020 Wisconsin Tech Days with Emily Clasper and Kris Turner slides, handouts and recordings

Successful and Innovative Virtual Programs for Teens and Adults with Stacey Brown and Samma Johnson

WISCAT Basic Training webinar with Maureen Welch

In Times of Crisis:  Managing Key Relationships with Sharon Morris and Jamie LaRue.

Top Ten Tips to Educate Your Library Board  (May 14 with Shannon Schultz, Cindy Fesemyer, and Ben Miller

Genealogy Resources (including using Ancestry Library Edition from home) by Maureen Welch.  Ancestry Recording.

Directors Discussion: response to COVID-19. recording

Finding Grants and Donations:  A Realistic Guide.  Grants webinar recordingGrants webinar slides.

2019 Webinars

Top Thirteen Tips for How to Be a BAD Selector: Recording.  Slides.  ResourcesWorld Languages Vendors.

Trustee Training week archives: https://www.wistrusteetraining.com/archive

Are You Ready for a Building Project?  Assessing Space Needs and Community Readiness.  With John Thompson from IFLS Library System.  Recording. Slides.

Plain Language for More Effective Communication with Beth Gaytan from Wisconsin Literacy.  The recording was only available for one week.  Videos used in recording:  Active VoicePower of Simple Words.

From Inbox to Completion:  The Secrets to Successful Workflow with Doug Crane.  Recording and Handouts on SCLS website.

Overcoming the Email Avalanche:  Three Steps to an Empty Inbox with Doug Crane.  Recording and Handouts on SCLS website.

Wisconsin Library Association Conference Recap with Jennifer Rickard, Kevin Harris, and Danielle Welch.  RecordingSexual Harassment Handout  Library Card Type HandoutWLA Archives.

Meet Lynda:  Introduction to the Lynda.com database with Nyama Reed.  Recording.

Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference with various presenters.  14 webinars!  Recordings & SlidesOther information.

If you are looking for archives of webinars from before 2019, they may be available.  Please contact Leah Langby.