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Keyboard Shortcuts, Macros

General Sierra macros

Macros are keyboard shortcuts for various actions in Sierra.  Assign actions to your keyboard’s Function keys, alone or in combination with the Ctrl and Alt keys.  Macros settings are username-specific.

To assign a process to keys:
From the Admin menu, choose Settings.
Select the Macros tab

Copy any of the following character strings from the Macros column, then paste them next to any key.

Action Macro
To go to checkout %ALT+g%+u+d+h
To go to checkin %ALT+g%+u+c
To go to search/holds %ALT+g%+u+h
To close a record %ALT+f%+c
To view an open record in the OPAC %ALT+v%p
To go to cataloging/catalog %ALT+g%+c+g
To go to acquisitions/place order %ALT+g%+a+
To receive/create items %ALT+g%+a+r
To go to item summary to print label after receiving %ALT+g%o%i

Select ‘Save Settings’, then ‘OK’ to close.

Note that the table above does not include all possible shortcuts.  Please contact a MORE staff member if you’d like help to create a macro for another action.

You may also want to use a macro for a common item message or note, for example:

Reason Message or note
Possible billable damage In transit from [your library initials] to [owning library initials] for damage evaluation.  [your library initials]/[staff initials]
Lucky Day item returned to non-owning library [owning library initials] Lucky Day item returned to [your library initials]. In transit to [owning library initials]. [your library initials]/[staff initials]
Postal mail returned as undeliverable Check address (Returned UTF). Changed notice preference to phone. [your library initials]/[staff initials]
Undeliverable email or text message Check email/txt (      bouncing). Changed notice preference to phone. [your library initials]/[staff initials]   Note: Paste in the email address in use and delete the email field until updated
Unsuccessful telephone notices Check phone (TNS failed). Changed notice preference to print. [your library initials]/[staff initials]

RDA cataloging macros

These macros were created with the most common elements. After inserting them into a bib record please review all the fields and edit where necessary. For example, in the Blu-ray macro the 344 |g for sound is set to surround; you may have to change that to Dolby digital, depending on the specifics of the item being cataloged.

Audio format

33x, 34x fields for Audiobook on CD

  • %ALT+r%r336  spoken word|bspw|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  audio|bs|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r340  |b4 3/4 in.%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r347  audio file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bCD audio

333x, 34x fields for Audiobook on MP3 disc

  • %ALT+r%r336  spoken word|bspw|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  audio|bs|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r347  audio file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bMP3

33x, 34x fields for Music CDs

  • %ALT+r%r336  performed music|bprm|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  audio|bs|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r344  |gstereo|2rdacpc%ENTER%r344  |hDolby digital%ENTER%r347  audio file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bCD audio

33x, 34x fields for Playaway

  • %ALT+r%r336  spoken word|bspw|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  audio|bs|2rdamedia%ENTER%r337  unmediated|bn|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  other|bsz|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r338  other|bnz|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r347  audio file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bHD audio

Book Format

33x fields for Book

  • %ALT+r%r336  text|btxt|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  unmediated|bn|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  volume|bnc|2rdacarrier

33x, 340 fields for Large Print

  • %ALT+r%r336  text|btxt|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  unmediated|bn|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  volume|bnc|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r340  |nlarge print|2rda

33x fields for Picture Books and Graphic Novels

  • %ALT+r%r336  text|btxt|2rdacontent%ENTER%r336  still image|bsti|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  unmediated|bn|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  volume|bnc|2rdacarrier

DVD Format

33x, 34x, 380 fields for DVDs

  • %ALT+r%r336  two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  video|bv|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r340  |dstamping|2rdapm%ENTER%r340  |b4 3/4 in.|gcolor%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r344  |gsurround|2rdacpc%ENTER%r344  |hDolby Digital 5.1%ENTER%r346  |bNTSC|2rdabs%ENTER%r347  video file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bDVD video%ENTER%r347  |eregion 1|2rdare%ENTER%r380  Motion picture

33x, 34x, 380 fields for Blu-ray DVDs

  • %ALT+r%r336  two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  video|bv|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r344  |gsurround|2rdacpc%ENTER%r344  |hDolby Digital 5.1%ENTER%r346  |bNTSC|2rdabs%ENTER%r347  video file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |bblu-ray%ENTER%r347  |eregion 1|2rdare%ENTER%r380  Motion picture

33x, 34x, 380 fields for Blu-ray/DVD combos

  • %ALT+r%r336  |3Blu-ray & DVD|atwo-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  |3Blu-ray & DVD|avideo|bv|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  |3Blu-ray & DVD|avideodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r340  |3DVD|dstamping|2rdapm%ENTER%r340  |3Blu-ray & DVD|b4 3/4 in.|gcolor%ENTER%r344  |3Blu-ray & DVD|adigital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |3Blu-ray & DVD|boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r344  |3Blu-ray|gsurround|2rdacpc%ENTER%r344  |3DVD|gstereo|2rdapc%ENTER%r344  |3Blu-ray & DVD|hDolby Digital 5.1%ENTER%r346  |3DVD|bNTSC|2rdabs%ENTER%r347  |3Blu-ray & DVD|avideo file|2rdaft%ENTER%r347  |3DVD|bDVD video%ENTER%r347  |3Blu-ray|bBlu-ray%ENTER%r347  |3DVD|eregion 1|2rdare%ENTER%r347  |3Blu-ray|eregion A (Blu-ray)|2rdare%ENTER%r380  Motion picture

Puppet/3D object

  • %ALT+r%r336  three-dimensional form|btdf|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  unmediated|bn|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  object|bnr|2rdacarrier

Video Games

  • NOTE: Delete the 338 not needed; both computer disc and computer chip cartridge are included in this macro
  • %ALT+r%r336  two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent%ENTER%r336  computer program|bcop|2rdacontent%ENTER%r337  computer|bv|2rdamedia%ENTER%r338  computer disc|bcd|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r338  computer chip cartridge|bcb|2rdacarrier%ENTER%r344  digital|2rdatr%ENTER%r344  |boptical|2rdarm%ENTER%r344  |gsurround|2rdacpc%ENTER%r344  |hDolby Digital 5.1%ENTER%r346  |bNTSC|2rdabs%ENTER%r347  |eregion 1|2rdare

Other RDA macros

040 field

  • |beng|erda

264 _4 field

  • %ALT+r%p264 4|c©2016

Relator Terms

  • ,|eauthor.
  • ,|eillustrator.
  • ,|enarrator.
  • ,|ecomposer.
  • ,|eperformer.
  • ,|eactor.

General keyboard shortcuts

As an alternative to using your PC’s mouse to activate Java™ components (e.g., clicking on buttons), you can use your keyboard. There are two ways to use the keyboard to activate a Java™ component:

  • Tab (or Shift+Tab) to select the component.
  • For buttons or check boxes, press Space to activate the selected component.
  • Use the component’s keyboard shortcut (also known as a keyboard accelerator). To use a keyboard shortcut, hold down the Alt key and press the key that corresponds to the underlined letter in the component’s name. For example, to choose an OK button, press Alt+O.

The keyboard shortcut for input boxes is indicated by the box’s label (for example, press Alt+P to move the cursor to the Password: input box).

Additionally, the following key combinations have special significance within Sierra (note that these shortcuts may not work with all Sierra functions):

Key Combination Function
Alt+LeftArrow View the previous month in a date dialog
Alt+Q Close the current record
Alt+RightArrow View the next month in a date dialog
Ctrl+Enter Add an extra line to a variable-length field with multiple lines, e.g., an ADDRESS field or the multi-field LOCATION/COPIES editor
Ctrl+=+. View the previous attached record
Ctrl+=+, View the next attached record
Ctrl+]+- Display the next record in a browse list
Ctrl+[+- Display the previous record in a browse list
Ctrl+Shift+B Display the full bibliographic record
Ctrl+Shift+I Display the full item record
Ctrl+Shift+P Display the full patron record
Ctrl+Shift+T Move backward from one tab to another in a bibliographic record display
Ctrl+C Copy selected text or the current text field
Ctrl+N Creates a new record
Ctrl+T Move forward from one tab to another in a bibliographic record display
Ctrl+V Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut the selected text and copy it to the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+Y Redo the most recent undo action
Ctrl+Z Undo your last action
Esc Clears a browse display
N Choose the No button in message dialogs; you can also key Alt+N
Space Select a button or check box
Tab (or Shift+Tab) Make a button, check box, etc.the active screen element
Y Choose the Yes button in message dialogs; you can also key Alt+Y