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Physical Parts Labeling, Ownership Labeling, and Packaging Policy

Approved by MORE Directors Council, May 2024

Barcodes must be placed horizontally on the front cover in the upper left quadrant for all materials [pictured]. This must be true for all items added to the collection on or after June 17, 2024

Multipart items must have all parts listed on a label placed directly under the library’s barcode. For libraries who choose not to add this label, they may not charge other libraries or other libraries’ customers for missing parts. Examples of labels include:

  • 11 discs
  • 12 discs and 1 booklet
  • Map inside back cover
  • 2 cases, 10 discs 

Label templates (editable DOCX files): 1 disc | 2 discs | 2 discs + booklet | 3-4 discs | 3 discs + booklet

Separate parts should be labeled with the owning library’s name. Labeling parts with the barcode number is a best practice.

If there are any special return instructions for the customer, a label with these instructions must be attached to the item.

If an item is damaged but the owning library has determined that it should still circulate, the damage should be noted inside the front cover where it can be easily found and read.


All items should be circulation-ready and suitable for:

  • Normal wear-and-tear associated with multiple individual users
  • Travel via courier in bins with all types of other materials (more about courier)
  • Being sorted, shelved, and found in multiple locations

Some items are able to circulate as is. However, many items require additional packaging to make them suitable for library use. Best practices for processing items are as follows:

  • Replace cardboard A/V cases with solid plastic cases
  • Replace recycled cut-out plastic cases with solid plastic cases. If you are in need of solid plastic dvd cases, contact IFLS / submit a help desk ticket.
  • Use plastic dust jacket covers.
  • Reinforce paperback spines and edges. This can be done with full book covers or book tape

For libraries who choose not to add the library packaging listed above, they may not charge other libraries or other libraries’ customers for damage to these items resulting from failure to adhere to the packaging guidelines.

Multidisc items added to the collection on or after February 1, 2008 must circulate together as a set.