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Program Tracking: What You Need to Know

For complete instructions and information, go to the.Full Annual Report Instructions on the DPI website. Leah at IFLS (langby@ifls.lib.wi.us) is always available to answer questions.

Q: This is confusing. Do you have any tips?
A: Yes!

  • Check out the 2024 Programming and Activity Count Tracker.  There are lots of great resources and instructions for using, and you can find it all on the Annual Report website.
  • Count in-person events, virtual live events (along with number of views of the recording), and virtual pre-recorded
  • Attendees are categorized based on the program’s intended audience (for example, all storytime attendees would be counted as children, ages 0-5, no matter what their age).
  • Reading challenges (on Beanstack or otherwise) count as Self-Directed Activities. Count each participating individual one time.
  • You can count Take-and-Make Bags as Self-Directed Activities on the Annual Report ONLY IF you have a way to keep track of results (for example, a photo or people bringing back their finished creation).
  • One-on-one programs (like tutoring programs) do not get counted on the Annual Report.

Q: What if my wonderful program, offering, or outreach event is not something I can report on the Annual Report?
A: Do this:

Some of your programs and services aren’t counted on the Annual Report. These are still valuable programs that you have created if they

  • Meet the needs of your community
  • Are within your library’s capacity
  • Are based on your library’s mission, vision, and goals.

It’s important and appropriate to share participation numbers and stories about ALL your programs and services. You are not limited to Annual Report data when sharing information about the good work you do for your community!

If you need help figuring out ways to use all your statistics to tell your library’s story, please contact Leah or Reb at the IFLS office.