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Last Updated On June 18, 2019
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Each month, your library will receive an email with the subject “Missing in Transit/Missing from Holdshelf, [current month]” from a MORE staff member.  The email will come with an attached list of items to search for at your library.

As noted in the email’s message, these are items whose whereabouts are unknown.  Items on the list either:

  1. have a status of ‘on holdshelf,’ but no item level holds.  This happens when a library clears its holdshelf, but an item on the list is not checked in, or
  2. have an ‘in transit’ status and message indicating the item has been in transit longer than it should (the typical travel time for items among MORE-member libraries is less than a week).

When you receive this list, please:

  1. Print the list.  It is sorted by material type, then call number.
  2. Search your library for all items on the list, whether or not the item belongs to your library.  Check your regular shelves, hold shelves, and any “back room” or processing areas.
  3. Check in any items you find on the list and route appropriately.