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Suggested Webinars for New Directors

We know you have a lot going on, you’re the director of a library! Continuing education is important and extremely beneficial, but while you’re learning your new job, time for CE may be limited. Below is a curated list of webinars that may help you as a new director to understand your role, learn new skills, and gain ideas.


    Human Resources/Policy Development

    Management / Staff & Work Culture

    • Beginner’s Guide to Being In Charge
      • Presented by Suzanne Macauley for the Indiana State Library in 2022
      • Link to Webinar on YouTube / Presentation Slides
      • Moving into a new leadership role can be overwhelming and intimidating. This presentation goes over some dos and don’ts to help new leaders feel more confident and become more effective in their currenet and future roles. Participants will learn some common mistakes new leaders make (and how to avoid them), how to conquer feelings of doubt or imposter syndrome, and practical leadership techniques. 
    • Building Respect Inside the Library Walls
      • Presented at the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference 2018
      • This presentation is geared towards all staff, not just directors, and can help demonstrate the importance of the tone of the workplace. It can also help to learn about how to establish feelings of respect within the library workforce.

    Time Management