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Toolkit: Your Library Love Story

Why Collect Stories?

In early 2020 Meredith Farkas wrote this in American Libraries:

“In an era of shrinking budgets, libraries must find ways to tell our stories, which often require us to go beyond simply reporting data. Not only have the ways that libraries serve their communities changed and expanded, but it’s become clear that the outputs we usually report are far less significant than the outcomes—the impact of our collections and services on our communities.”

Bring these stories to make you case for:

  • Act 150 reauthorization
  • Additional county funding
  • Grants or major donor fundraising

We want to bring stories to Library Legislative Day, Feb 8








Tell your library love story

Easy ways to use this campaign

Passive Program (the basics).

    • Put these 2 posters up in a spot that’s visible.
    • Add a table stocked with hearts, My Library Love Story coloring pages, markers, crayons, pens.
    • Add a box to collect the love stories.
    • Ask Anne Hamland to add a button with a link to the form to your website. (See an example on Clear Lake and Hammond’s website. Do you maintain your own website? Here’s the blurb image.
    • By Feb 5, either send your collected stories to Reb at IFLS or have a staff person input them using this form.

    Want to do more? Here are some add-ons.

    • Encourage all of your staff to be ready to collect stories. Some ideas: after story time, at check-out, whenever someone tells a staff member about a positive library story.
      • Staff can enter the story directly into the form. Collect names when possible, always ask if they are comfortable sharing their name.
      • Hand out hearts, coloring pages or encourage people to use public computers to fill out the form.
    • Hang hearts in a prominent location, with instructions about how to add their story. (For instance, “Find a table with supplies to create your Library Love Story inside by the children’s section.”)
    • Share the form link on social media. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMrYoQc6J0By3olGUP-pWybdDDkh1TWQ5w-wEN5S5PlmxGyA/viewform?usp=sf_link
    • Add a selfie frame to your passive program area.
    • Share the love stories on social media.
    • Publicize through your normal media channels, like a regular newspaper article or your library’s newsletter.
    • Ask your Friends group and trustees to actively promote the campaign.
    • Feel free to use this QR code! It links directly to the online form.