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Z39.50 Record Editing

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Record Editing from a Remote Search

When bringing in a record from another database through Remote searching you are using our Z39.50 server.  Z39.50 is the name for the protocol that allows databases to talk to each other.  When a record is brought into the MORE database it must be edited to conform to MORE’s standards.

Fixed Fields

Starting with the fixed fields at the top of the record, fill in BIB LOC and FORMAT codes which come in blank.  The BIB LOC is your two-letter library code (3 letter if this is a children’s item).  The FORMAT code displays the icon in the online catalog so it is important this is filled in; to get a list of codes double click in the box. Leave the CATCODES as s. 

Variable Fields

The second part of the record consists of MARC tags containing variable information. Here is an example of a record before editing:

Leave all fields not labeled for deletion below.