Yesterday we had a very cool check-in, with 38 brilliant brains in one Zoom call.  We are looking for your ideas and feedback about upcoming youth services check-ins, so please take a few moments to fill out this form And keep reading for some of the great ideas and resources that came up during our discussion!  LOTS of stuff!  I will post on the IFLS Keeping Up with Kids Blog, too.

1KB4K—What’s working

  • Book to build home libraries as incentives.  Ada from Antigo mentioned they have drastically increased the number of books they give away (every 100 books read)
  • Working with daycare centers to broaden the reach
  • Simplification of the process—Make it easy to participate
    • Several mentioned very simple paper records—just let kids color in a circle or add a sticker for every book.
    • Some talked up Beanstack Badge Books ($5/book, but very cool)
    • Some mentioned it is helpful to give people a choice between Beanstack and paper, but most folks have found families prefer PAPER
  • Keeping energy and attention for an ongoing program:
    • Collect email addresses of the families who sign up for 1KB4K (or other program) and send regular emails to cheer them on, giving book suggestions, and more.
    • Freshen up the displays and signs quarterly
    • Suggest parents who are sick of record-keeping that they take a break from record keeping ,but keep reading!
    • Remind parents this is not a race, and allow families to complete after kindergarten starts!

Encouraging Early Literacy/Childhood Development Practices

  • Daniel from Somerset talked about the 2-sided sheet of information that they have as part of their 1KB4K program, with recommended books and simple tips for parents/caregivers to work
  • Laura says Early Literacy Kits in St. Croix Falls have been a hit
  • Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit is a great resource to check out for more ideas about this.
  • Maria says that last year during football season, kids and families in Frederic were very excited to check out lots of books to move their football along a big football football field display on the wall.

Preserving the Joy of Reading

  • Ada from Antigo recommends The Joy of Reading by Donalyn Miller and Teri Lesesne, coming out in May—focus also on kids 8 and older.
  • A recent webinar sponsored by SEWI (Southeast WI library systems) caught the attention of a lot of folks!  Value the Act of Reading, with Anne Kissinger.  The recording is available and if you want to look at the slides, check out the SEWI website:

Connecting with Families

What about Funding?

  • Several folks talked about the value of talking with service clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary to share information about library
  • Several also mentioned local energy cooperatives funding projects (and talked about a 15-minute application process!)
  • Anne reminded us that working with a larger coalition can help with funding—if each partnering agency can sponsor one part, that helps!

In-Person Check-in, Rib Lake Public Library, May 25  9-12!

  • Krista Blomberg will give a tour of the public park shelter, playground next to library, and remodeled youth space. Yes, there will be time for play!
  • Bring your summer reading program printables to share and spark ideas.Bring brochures, reading logs, prize slips, letters inviting sponsors, whatever you hand out at the desk.
  • Send an RSVP to Anne Hamland

Thanks, everyone!  Good luck with everything you are doing, and remember to reach out to Anne or Leah if you have questions, want to talk through anything, or have exciting news to share!