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Item Status

Item status (STATUS) is a fixed-length field in item records that indicates whether an item is available, checked out, or is in some other state that affects circulation. Item status information appears both in item records in Sierra and in the MORE Online Catalog.


Note that Sierra’s display label is “Due Date”, which often corresponds to item status. In the case of the Eau Claire item on line 4, the item status is actually “BILLED”.

Online catalog

Note that the online catalog does not display all items. Those with an “OPAC message” (OPACMSG) of WITHDRAWN, no matter what their item status, do not appear.

About MORE statuses

Some item status values are automatically generated by the system upon check-in and check-out. Others are applied by staff. This can be done via a Sierra process like using the “Mark Lost Items” button from a patron’s list of checked-out items to change item status to “Lost”, for example. Other statuses are manually applied by staff directly in the STATUS field. Items with some status values cannot be checked out by patrons at self-check terminals.