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Labeling and Packaging Guidelines


  • Place the barcode in the upper-left quadrant of the front of the item, as described here.
  • All items circulating together but containing multiple, separate parts must be labeled to describe all parts. Place this label under the item barcode. For example:
    • 11 discs
    • 12 discs and 1 booklet
    • Map inside back cover
    • 2 cases, 10 discs
  • Discs and other separate parts should be labeled with the library name. Including the barcode number on all parts is also helpful.
  • Special instructions for patrons, like specific return locations, should be clearly noted on the item.  
  • If an item is damaged but the owning library has determined that it should still circulate, the damage should be noted inside the front cover where it can be easily found and read.


All items should be circulation-ready and suitable for:

  • Normal wear-and-tear associated with multiple individual users
  • Travel via courier in bins with all types of other materials (more about courier)
  • Being sorted, shelved, and found in multiple locations


  • Replace cardboard audiobook, music CD, and DVD cases with solid plastic cases
  • Replace recycled cut-out plastic cases with solid plastic cases
  • Use plastic dust jacket covers
  • Reinforce paperback spines and edges