There is so much to do and think about related to racism and trying to be an antiracist, and one of the simplest and most library-centric things to do is to examine our collections and the books we promote to make sure that they reflect our diverse world.  TeachingBooks, which all Wisconsin residents have access to via Badgerlink, has added a diverse books toolkit to their new Collection Analysis Tool.  Here’s their information:

Easily create a comprehensive collection of audio, video, and digital resources that personalizes connections to your books. Utilize our new collection analysis tool to reflect on your booklists, syllabi, or reading programs. Instantly gain insights into the balance of genres, cultural and curricular classifications, along with reading levels, text complexity, and recency of publication. All this to put the right book in each reader’s hands.

And, as you infuse diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant materials into fiction and nonfiction reading experiences, this diverse books toolkit helps analyze collections, identify and bring to life diverse texts, and encourage reflection on cultural representation.

You can immediately share your lists full of associated resources in this dynamic format with students, colleagues, families — anyone you want.