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See you again on July 3.

Try streaming services, let us know what you think

Last month’s e-resources survey identified streaming video and news sources as the top two areas of interest. For the next two weeks we’ve created two e-resource trials open to all library staff. We’re setting cost considerations aside and gauging interest on the interface and content of each resource. Quotes and funding sources will be considered if there is enough interest in these products. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Please do not share the trial login information with anyone other than library staff, but feel free to log in for patrons to try inside the library, if you wish.

Access Video on Demand (Streaming video: For more information on Access Video on Demand, click here.) To access the trial:

NOTE: There is also a trial for Just for Kids available here, which you are welcome to look at, but we are currently only requesting feedback for Access Video on Demand. 

PressReader (Newspapers and magazines: For more information on PressReader, click here.) To access the trial:

(NOTE: I noticed that some titles show up in the database as currently “not available,” I’m assuming this is due to trial access and publisher agreements. But I will follow up with the vendor to confirm either way.)

We need your feedback! After you’ve had a chance to review both trials, please take a moment to respond to this survey by Tuesday, July 2. All library staff are encouraged to respond.

MORE app toolkit has been updated

Go to the toolkit. There are links to new Canva templates and printables. Reb used the native QR code generator in Canva. We’ll see how that works. Let Reb know if there are problems with it:

Coming soon

Ready for Reentry (webinar)

August 13, 2024, 1:00 – 2:00 pm (Registration)

Individuals reentering the community from jail or prison may come to your library facing many unique challenges that impact their ability to make a smooth and effective transition into society. Learn about online resources and programs you can point to that can help them navigate the reentry journey in areas that impact them the most: housing, employment, education, healthcare and legal barriers. Helping them access these tools is an initial step in helping these individuals rebuild their lives.  Participants will become familiar with Reentry Ready Resources from UW Madison-Extension; Legal Tune-up Tool from Lift Wisconsin, and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

This webinar is provided with support from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Library Workforce Connection, Wisconsin Public Library Systems, and the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin.

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